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  • Clean your carpets or remove them?

    Filed under: Ailments — Posted by: Mark on April 11, 2011

    A few years ago my daughter, out of nowhere, began breathing very heavily and was having trouble sleeping. She was about five years old, and it didn’t seem anything to be worried about as she was fine during the day, she just kept waking up at night ‘snorting’.

    When I was younger I went through a phase in school of hyperventilating. It was, at the time, quite frightening as it would come without any warning and made it very hard to breath. My mother believed it was related to my new pets, two terrapins, and she got rid of them without telling me – although, oddly enough, it still stop just as suddenly not long after.

    With my daughter however, there were no terrapins to be blamed for such breathing difficulties. My wife found another scapegoat though, the carpet. She read somewhere that carpets can severely affect someone’s breathing, especially if they are prone to asthma (my daughter wasn’t, but my wife believed that someone, somewhere in the family may have been so she wasn’t taking any chances).

    The obvious answer would have been to vacuum the carpet or, if that had proved ineffective, contacted one of the many Harrogate carpet cleaning companies in the areas. However these actions were all unnecessary as my wife chose to dispense with the carpet altogether. It was torn up and thrown out, leaving the very dirty, and not particularly safe looking, floorboards.

    This seemed like an overreaction to me and, as it turned out, completely unnecessary. My daughter had her tonsils out some time later and her breathing was once again fine.

    Shame about the carpet.