• How can exercise help my kids sleep better?
    • How can exercise help my kids sleep better?

      Posted on July 28, 2015

      Two of the chief concerns that parents often have about their children are that they aren’t getting enough exercise, and that they aren’t sleeping well. Sleep and exercise might be two activities that are poles apart, but they actually help each

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    • Signs of heart disease present in obese children
    • Signs of heart disease present in obese children

      Posted on July 29, 2012

      According to a study published in Archives of Disease in Childhood journal, two thirds of obese children exhibit a problem with their health which is a contributor to heart disease. High cholesterol, blood sugar and high blood pressure may already be present by 12 years of age.

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    • Childhood obesity affected by TV habits
    • Childhood obesity affected by TV habits

      Posted on July 19, 2012

      A recent study from Canada has shown that the number of hours spent watching TV between two years and four years old can have a detrimental effect on the size of a child’s waistline by the age of 10. The study, which was published in a BioMed Central journal, looked at the television habits of 1,314 children. One extra hour of TV viewing each week at age four could affect the muscle fitness of a child aged 10 and also increase the size of their waste by half a millimetre.

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  • Teen develops eating disorder during Cheryl Cole obsession

    Filed under: News — Posted by: Linda on August 28, 2011

    A dangerous obsession with Cheryl Cole resulted in a teenager developing anorexia nervosa. Charlotte O’Neill, then aged 15 wanted to be as slim as the popular X Factor judge, after Cheryl became a judge on the show in 2008, which resulted in Charlotte losing three stone.

    The teenager weighed 8st 7lb originally, at height 5ft 7in. After initially cutting out breakfast, chocolate and sweets and reducing her food portions, Charlotte lost half a stone within two weeks. Charlotte admits that although she felt hungry and weak, she continued as she knew she was getting closer to her ‘Goal Cole’. Eventually she reached seven stone, which was her target weight. However, the weight loss continued, eventually dropping to six stone which alerted her Physical Education teacher to take action.

    Charlotte was admitted to hospital and given a strict meal plan after doctors warned her of the damage she was doing to her vital organs, including her heart. After being diagnosed with chronic anorexia nervosa, Charlotte spent nine months in a centre which specialises in eating disorders, managing to put weight on to become 7st 12lb.

    The obsession resurfaced after watching the X Factor judge on television, with her weight again plummeting, this time to 5st 7lb. During a holiday with her mum to Tenerife, thankfully Charlotte had a “light bulb moment” while being taken to a café for breakfast one morning. During an interview with Love It! Magazine, Charlotte said:

    A strange feeling came over me.

    This was followed by eating a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast, mushrooms and tomatoes. Since that day, 18 year old Charlotte has continued to gain weight steadily, although admits she is still struggling. Despite admitting that she realises that Cheryl Cole isn’t anorexic, and that the star would be ‘appalled’ at being inspiration for a teenager to starve herself, she is still relieved that Cheryl isn’t a judge this year.

    Concerns raised as diet book targets six year olds

    Filed under: News — Posted by: Linda on August 21, 2011

    A book which is due to be published in the United States in October 2011, has already raised concerns among experts in child health, nutrition and eating disorders. The book, which is called “Maggie goes on a diet” is by Paul Kramer, who writes books which are aimed at dealing with common issues for young people and children. He has also written books that target bed wetting and personal hygiene. The book is about a 14 year old girl who is overweight. The cover of the book features (more…)

    Call for increased regulation on promotion of junk food to children

    Filed under: News — Posted by: Linda on August 19, 2011

    A call for a watershed time of 9pm on junk food advertising has been announced by the Children’s Food Campaign. Although the current regulations prevent the advertising of junk food on children’s TV channels and programmes, which are primarily watched by children, a large number of family shows that are exempt from the rules are watched by kids who are then exposed to the promotion of junk food. In fact, research carried out by Which? in 2007 discovered that (more…)

    Interview with Judith Manson, author of Child Obesity: A Parent’s Guide

    Filed under: Obesity — Posted by: Rachel on August 18, 2011

    Judith-MansonThis week we caught up with Judith Manson, the author of the book ‘Child Obesity: A Parent’s Guide‘. The book, which offers advice on tackling obesity within children, has recently been updated with a new version – so we wanted to ask Judith about her updated book, and about childhood health issues on the whole.

    We understand the book ‘Child Obesity: A Parent’s Guide’ has been updated for 2011 – what sort of updates have been made to the book?

    As well as up-to-date facts, figures and information, the new book contains more streamlined advice, a wider range of easy-to-follow recipes and meal suggestions, as well as an updated section of resources, links and further reading. I have also included information about children from certain black and ethnic minority backgrounds who may be more at risk of weight problems, along with (more…)

    Too much screen time thought to increase obesity in children

    Filed under: News — Posted by: Linda on August 17, 2011

    Researchers warn that multiple screen viewing could lead to increased levels of obesity in children. The screens include televisions, laptops, computers, smartphones and portable games consoles, often used simultaneously. The research suggests that parents should take into consideration (more…)

    Children vote for Walkers Crisps

    Filed under: News — Posted by: Linda on August 14, 2011

    According to the results of the Kids Brand Index 2011 research, Walkers Crisps are the number one favourite product with children aged between seven and 15 years old. The Kids Brand Index details the results of research based on the opinions of 4000 children aged seven to 15, in the United Kingdom. The children are separated into two groups: the tweens which are aged seven to 11 and the teens, which are aged 12 to 15. Gender was also (more…)

    Number of exclusions from school is on the decrease

    Filed under: News — Posted by: Linda on August 9, 2011

    According to figures for the latest school year, the exclusion of pupils from school is decreasing slightly. In this school year, 29 pupils of primary school age and 68 children of secondary school age have been excluded permanently from school in the Lincolnshire area. Fixed term exclusions have been handed out to 568 kids between five and 11 years old and 2,057 pupils aged 11 to 18. The length of exclusion averaged at three days and reasons include (more…)

    Man becomes grandad at only 29 years old

    Filed under: News — Posted by: Linda on August 7, 2011

    Shem Davies has become the youngest grandfather in the United Kingdom, aged only 29 years old. He looks so young that nurses were compelled to ask for identification to prove he was over 16 years old, when he arrived at the hospital to visit his new grandchild. The nurses mistakenly thought he was the teenage dad of the baby.

    Shem and Kelly John, aged 30 had Tia, who is aged 14 when they were only 15 years of age. Jordan Williams, aged 15 is the father of (more…)

    Deadly plants near children’s park

    Filed under: News — Posted by: Linda on August 5, 2011

    One of the deadliest plants in the world was mistakenly planted close to a children’s park. Monkshood, which has purple flowers is extremely poisonous, so poisonous that hunters in the Amazon rainforest tip their arrows with it. The council workers apparently didn’t recognise the killer plant, and went ahead and planted six of them close to a park where children frequently play.

    The flower bed is situated (more…)

    Children as young as five in the grip of anorexia

    Filed under: News — Posted by: Linda on August 2, 2011

    Statistics released by NHS trusts in the United Kingdom show that children are increasingly developing obsessions with their size, especially girls. The number of children under the age of nine requiring hospital treatment has doubled in the last 12 months. During the last three years, 98 children aged between five and (more…)