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  • Face book a cause of anxiety for parents

    Filed under: News — Posted by: Linda on July 1, 2011

    A study of family health awareness has revealed that social media and finance are bigger concerns for parents than lifestyle and diet for kids. The survey, which was completed by 1500 parents in the United Kingdom, asked parents to cite the worries they had as their children got older. The Mother and Childcare survey shows that half of all parents were concerned with finances rather than health or diet and exercise.

    Social media presented worries for 43 percent of parents, while only 28 percent worried about healthy eating for their kids. Just under a quarter of mums and dads were concerned about child obesity and just over a fifth expressed concern that their kids may not have access to sports and leisure facilities. In view of all the economic difficulties and pressures, it is easy to understand why parents have financial concerns as their most pressing worries, but one expert believes that other issues should take precedence if future kid’s health problems are not to become an issue. Dr Gerd Gotz, from the Philips Centre said:

    In today’s volatile financial climate and reign of social media it’s understandable that parents are very concerned with the immediate challenges they face on a daily basis. However, do we risk allowing our children to sleepwalk into all manner of health related issues later on if we fail to tackle some of the bigger health and wellbeing issues now?

    Financial concerns were also apparent when the survey revealed that under a quarter of mums stopped work after their last child was born, while 16 percent returned to their normal working hours. The survey also shows that 61 percent of dads returned to work as usual when the youngest child was born, with only seven percent stopping work.