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  • Healthy diets for kids

    Filed under: Diets — Posted by: Linda on July 28, 2010

    Once you have realised that your child needs to lose some weight, and obtained advice from your doctor or dietician, you may have to think about altering the eating habits of all the family members. Healthy diets for kids are not just a part time option, they are about adopting a healthy lifestyle which includes foods which are necessary for good health as well as the occasional treat.

    One of the most important aspects of a diet for a child is that it is not about starvation or missing meals. There are many nutrients which are essential to a growing child and these should be obtained from four to six small healthy meals a day. Skipping meals is not to be encouraged, especially as kids who skip breakfast do not concentrate in school as well as kids who do eat a healthy breakfast. A child requires plenty of fluid to keep them hydrated, although this should not be sugary or fizzy drinks. A balanced diet for a child should include all essential nutrients such as calcium, vitamins and minerals, protein and complex carbohydrates for energy.

    One of the most common problems for any child on a healthy eating plan is the portion sizes of food. Even healthy food if eaten in gigantic proportions is unhealthy.  When you look at healthy diets for kids try to cut out excessive fat, sugar and salt as these are the most damaging of all the food groups. Fatty foods can be found in many meals which seem healthy, such as using the wrong method of cooking or adding fat in the form of sauces or oil. Fried foods or the family roast should be swapped for a healthier method of cooking such as dry roasting meat or steaming and boiling. You may also find hidden fat such as the skin on chicken which is very fatty.  Milk is often considered to be bad for you if you are on a diet, but a child’s healthy eating plan should include milk as long as it is skimmed.

    Healthy diets for kids are about making the right food choices, cutting out fat and limiting the amount of sugary foods and treats. This is essentially a healthy eating plan for all the family and combined with plenty of exercise and activity your child will soon start to lose weight.