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  • Teen mums continue to smoke despite being warned of health risks

    Filed under: News — Posted by: Linda on March 11, 2012

    Following the recent news reports of Stacey Solomon being caught on camera smoking while seven months pregnant, new figures have been released which show that almost 60 percent of pregnant teenagers carry on smoking during their pregnancy.

    The Celebrity Mum of the Year title which was awarded to Stacey in 2011 has been taken away from her, and she will no longer be a contender for the 2012 award. Although the numbers of youngsters who smoke has declined overall, the number of pregnant teenagers who smoke has increased. The data was released by the Department of Health, also revealing that the last 12 months have seen the total percentage of smokers fall to 20 percent in England.

    Smoking is now becoming unacceptable in a number of social circles, with young women often avoiding the habit. During the last decade, the number of female teens who smoke has fallen to 17 percent in comparison with the previous figure of 31 percent. However, a quarter of pregnant women smoke, despite knowing the risks to their health and the health of the unborn baby. Health experts are expected to be extremely concerned at the increased number of pregnant teens who smoke.

    Research indicates that women suffering from depression are more likely to smoke when pregnant. Social factors are also believed to influence whether pregnant teenagers continue to smoke. Stacey Solomon stated during an interview with Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield that she felt guilty for continuing to smoke during pregnancy, but was trying hard to give up.