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  • Threat of debt collectors for parents who don’t pay dinner money

    Filed under: News — Posted by: Linda on April 30, 2011

    The parents of pupils at Corinthian Primary school in Liverpool could face a visit from a debt collector, as the school has dinner money debts amounting to hundreds of pounds. Although a debt collection agency has branded the official warning as ridiculous, the head teacher, Gary Crockett has decided that the time has come for action.

    The letter which was issued to parents said:

    Due to a high number of unpaid dinners, the school is engaging a debt collection agency to chase unpaid monies.

    The headmaster has said that he is happy to discuss difficulties faced by parents, with regard to payment. Although Mr Crockett considers the letter to be an effective warning against non payment of dinner money, he said that he would still consider a professional debt collection agency if the minority persisted in building up lunch money debts.

    The school deal with their own catering, providing nutritious food which includes salmon fillets and homemade meatballs. Child health is a primary concern for the school, who have to pay for the staff and healthy food which they serve. Mr Crockett compared the school dinner service to a shop, adding that you wouldn’t ask a shop to provide goods which you would pay for weeks later.

    Regardless of the reasons behind the school threat, a consultant for Debt Collect UK, based in Liverpool said:

    To get a debt collection agency involved for that amount is ridiculous.